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Status update, Thu Sep 2 2010

So I’m back from Leiria, had a blast over there and I wish I could go there more often. Maybe even live there. Good times with good friends.

Sometimes I start thinking I’d really like to move away from Lisbon and Leiria looks like a perfect target. I’d be really tempted to move there if I had a somewhat ok(ish) job offer.

Moved to Ubuntu 10.04 on the Desktop, figured since I’ve been doing all my gaming on the Xbox I don’t really need Windows though I really enjoyed Win7. The only thing bugging me is that nvclock still doesn’t support my 250GTS nvidia card and I can’t slow down the card’s fan like in Win7 with some program I can’t remember the name of. Temperatures still remain acceptable while not gaming and at least my computer doesn’t sound like it’s about to take off. Network and file sharing worked right out of the box with the mac since it was already set up for a SMB network, that was a nice surprise following the struggle to get the mac working together with Win7.

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Still slow, but getting better


About WordPress

Really enjoying WordPress this far. Next up is to install Gallery2 and grab the WPG2 plugin for WP so I can both have an online gallery to dump all the pics I take and link/embed them in WP.

Got the theme’s css and bits of code working the way I want to. Didn’t find the heart in me to design a website banner from scratch so I removed the banner space code entirely from the page. Maybe later on I’ll work on it, in the mean time if you want to give it a go and see if you can come up with something to jam in there give me a call.

Gallery2 – http://gallery.menalto.com/

WPG2 – http://codex.gallery2.org/Integration:WPG2

PS: Done :)

PS2: Also fine tuned it to look better integrated within wordpress.


Status report.

Ok, everything’s up and running. Still need some minor tweaks in the template and code/css as well as spend more than 2 minutes on a banner.

It’s starting to look decent(ish).


Hello world!


This BLAG was born out of a need I’ve had for a while to have a place where I can dump useful or funny bits of information flowing around me. In other words, a place to drop random stuff.

It’s not intended to be taken seriously taking into account my dark humored and sometimes politically incorrect nature. If you ever see anything here you don’t like, please feel free to close your browser and never come back.

Some posts are in English, some in Portuguese. Sometimes I feel like typing in either one of those languages and that’s just the way it is.

That being said, hope you enjoy your stay and have fun.