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Linklog & Yahoo Pipes

So I found a way to combine multiple RSS feeds and present them on a single feed. Turns out Yahoo Pipes, a thing that I had never heard of before, is really useful. My mind was somewhat blown by what I can do with them. I think Yahoo needs to advertise their stuff a little better. Either that or I really need to pay more attention to what’s going on in the intertubes.

In any case, I managed to combine items published through tt-rss and another linklog software thingie I use. It’s right here. You can turn the pipe result into RSS or JSON or whatever pleases your heart. Full URL is as follows:

It’s mostly newspaper articles and tidbits of information I find useful while on the internet. It’s also available on a widget rss whatchamacallit on this website, one of the right side panels. If you have a link/linklog feed of your own please leave a comment with it, I’m always looking for decent feeds.


Is Youtube making us (me) lazy?

Long gone are the days when I spent nearly 8 hours reading a manual while making a stage 1 Gentoo install. Granted, most of those 8 hours were due to the compile times on the computer available to me at the time but a large part of it was spent reading huge walls of text on how to properly install, maintain, upgrade, tweak, work with emerge, etc..

If it were today, I think I’d Youtube it. I’m pretty sure there’s at least one video guide on how to do it. In fact, it’s not just computer stuff that I find myself searching on Youtube. I find myself choosing Youtube instead of googling for an alternative learning method who could possibly have more information than the video. If I then run into an issue that requires further investigation only then do I do a regular Google search for text.

I’m not quite sure what this means, or even if it means anything at all. Is that a sign that I’m getting lazy when it comes to do proper research? Do I need more information than what is present in a simple video? I suppose that will depend on who makes the video and what is chosen to be presented in it. But still..

There’s a world of information on Youtube. Ted is also quite decent, though it has a completely different scope. I’m unaware of any studies presenting conclusive data on whether people (like me) are starting to choose video as a preferred learning method. Someone better than me should probably do it, it sounds exciting.

What could this mean to the way things are traditionally taught across the globe? Will tablets with video content be used instead of books? Would I learn faster/better with video? There are plenty of possibilities and hypothesis about this, I’d like to know more about it.


WordPress Android Beta and SK17i

The new WordPress app for android entered beta a couple of weeks ago, it’s very different from what it used to be. Has a crapton of improvements over the old app and it actually makes me want to use it. In fact, this whole post will be written in it. If you use WordPress on a regular basis I strongly suggest you give it a test run!

In other news, I’m still quite happy with the SK17i I bought a few weeks ago. The battery though if at first glance might seem a bit underpowered, I haven’t found it needing. The phone never died on me with moderate/intense daily usage before I set it up charging for the night before I go to bed, that’s all I really want on a phone.
ICS should be made available through PC Companion later this month, tough it’ll be a while till I update as I like to read up on reviews and eventual bugs before I make any major jump. In any case, I already have the root procedures for ICS bookmarked and I’ll keep both a nandroid backup as well as GB firmware files in case I decide to downgrade. A performance loss is to be expected but I’m guessing from other Xperia models that already had the update it’ll be a tolerable performance loss. It runs extremely snappy on GB and I guess I don’t mind a choke here and there while running ICS.


Trying out a new minimal theme

I like stuff to be as simple as possible without too much clutter, the layout/theme I’ve been using for the past year or so does that quite well but while browsing on the forums for the theme I found out there was another guy who likes minimal stuff…and that he’s a php/css ninja!

Turns out the made his user.css publicly available and I decided to give it a shot. I love it! Had to make a new banner and I will probably have to make yet another one since I made that one in under a minute and it sort of needs some polishing but whatever, I like how uncluttered everything looks like.

Still have to work on the label position on the comment forms. The labels are showing up on the left of the forms and thus messing up their alignment. I have no idea where to change that, probably on the comments.php file but as soon as I *try* to start reading it and figure out what needs to be changed I’m reminded I’m a total naab when it comes to php. Oh well.


Migration successful

Well, looks like everything went mighty fine with the host migration. Still have some maintenance to work on but nothing major. I can now add new content! Not like I will, but…yeah…you know.

I’ve recently been dabbling with a few mmo’s and I got into the Diablo 3 beta. Really hyped about that so at least that’s something to talk about, right?

Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, the website is almost 2 years old.

PS: This host seems to be a hell of a lot faster than the last, easier to use management tools too. Godaddy can bite my shiny metal ass.