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So, what’s new?

So, after some time playing Rift and having some real life issues pull me away from any kind of gaming for the most part I found myself not really wanting to play it again. It’s a hell of a fine game, up till you reach max level. Though this is open for discussion, I found myself with nothing to do. Met some great people there and I’m keeping in touch with them for other gaming experiences but I’m done with Rift.

That left a hole in my gaming schedule that I tried to fill with some stuff on Steam but I kept getting somewhat bored with everything there, then I thought of Eve Online.

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One year uptime, Rift and some other stuff

No idea what was the exact day I bought the domain/hosting and started working on this site as a hobby, but it’s been roughly a year now. I know this because I had to renew it all, sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it since I end up spending quite some time without paying any attention to it. I guess that’s the nature of such sites :)

Been spending a *lot* of time playing Rift, I’m quite amazed how good something I’ve never heard of till about a couple of months ago can be. Couple of guys I know mentioned the open beta was up and I tried it. A few hours after I found myself buying it. I had recently restarted playing WoW but as soon as the month’s subscription ended I was finding myself really bored with it and Rift was entering it’s head start for pre-order customers. Perfect timing. Dragon Age 2 is supposed to be coming out too, that’s another one to check out.

Haven’t spent much time around my Spica as of lately, which is just as well since development for the Cyanogenmod Spica beta seems to have come to a halt. Probably because everything’s working quite well and it really shouldn’t be called a beta anymore. Been using the 8.3 beta for a few months now and it’s working like a charm.

Also, saw Tron Legacy the other day. Awesome sauce.


Cyanogen on the Spica, Gaming and a small update

So, it seems Cyanogenmod is here to stay on the Spica. Just as long as criminal (one of the developers @ doesn’t feel like it’s time to call it quits. I’m now running alpha 8.2 and I can say everything pretty much just works. The camera is now in color and I’m yet to find something that doesn’t work like it’s intended. Supposedly hardware acceleration for divx doesn’t work, but I don’t watch divx on the phone anyway, so that’s fine.

There were also some 3D drivers released for the 8.1 ported from the Samsung Intercept ones, they boosted my phone’s score on Quadrant by a ton.  From the mid 400’s to the mid 600’s.  Sadly they don’t work in 8.2 but I’m sure something is being done about it. There has been an update to the drivers, still haven’t installed them but will do it pretty soon. Available here.

Haven’t posted here in a while, no special reason. My grandfather fell down and broke his hip, had to undergo surgery and eventually his age (87) and whatever comes with it caught up with him and he didn’t make it. He passed about a week after surgery. And that was pretty effed up.

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FPS problems in Fallout: New Vegas

I’ll start by saying I’m mostly an Xbox gamer and that my desktop PC isn’t exactly assembled with state of the art gear but it generally handles gaming titles coming out recently quite well. It currently runs with an Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 CPU @2.80Ghz with 4gb ram and a Geforce GTS 250 1gb. Most if not all games run with graphic settings all the way up without any noticeable performance loss, right up until I got my hands on Fallout: New Vegas.

I noticed some FPS loss (sometimes drastic) mostly when NPCs were about to show on screen or were already on my field of view and I thought to myself the game’s engine must’ve had a serious overhaul but I couldn’t really spot where since it all seemed like a Fallout 3 visual experience.

I proceeded to update my nvidia drivers (was using really old ones) and that improved things a bit but I still had some FPS drops.

Then I googled it a bit and found out a lot of folks were having the same issues, including Xbox gamers, so it must be a nasty bug on the game and needs to be patched asap. While we wait for a patch though, I found a fix that worked for me right here. Quoting from the site:

“This .dll file is essentially a light-wrapper for a ‘supported’ video card’s .dll, which tricks the game into configuring its FaceGen software (which was causing the problem) in a more efficient manner. “

I dropped it in the specified folder and everything runs mega smoothly now even with all the graphic settings turned all the way up.

I’m glad I didn’t get the Xbox version if the FPS drop issue is anywhere near the PC one, at least till a patch fixes it. Even then I don’t think I’ll get it though, the PC version is a lot more versatile in terms of mods we can apply to the game. Naked NPCs running aroud mod, anyone?


Twinkle twinkle little star

Grabbed it on a 10€ deal. Makes me think some games are really made for consoles. On the PC it kinda sucks but on the 360 it’s the most awesome thing ever. Also got Gears of War 2 for 5€. is teh r0x0rz.