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This show is really good, I’m surprised. I checked some Dr. Who a while ago and didn’t find it much to my taste but decided to give Torchwood a go, maybe I should check Dr. Who again.



Falling Skies

Spielberg. The aftermath of an alien invasion. Dude what was in ER. Works for me.

A friend told me about this after I whined about how great Game of Thrones was and now I had nothing to watch. Turns out it’s not bad, not bad at all. I’d like to see more alien tech instead of all the drama going on but I guess they don’t want to shoot all their shells before they know what kind of ground they’re stepping on.

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So, what’s new?

So, after some time playing Rift and having some real life issues pull me away from any kind of gaming for the most part I found myself not really wanting to play it again. It’s a hell of a fine game, up till you reach max level. Though this is open for discussion, I found myself with nothing to do. Met some great people there and I’m keeping in touch with them for other gaming experiences but I’m done with Rift.

That left a hole in my gaming schedule that I tried to fill with some stuff on Steam but I kept getting somewhat bored with everything there, then I thought of Eve Online.

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How Lost should have ended. No, seriously.

Was it just me that hated the ending they gave to Lost?

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