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Entre Muralhas 2011

Had the most awesome weekend of all time over at Leiria. Sometimes I wish I lived there, maybe someday I will. Took a few pictures, maybe eventually sometime around this week I’ll find the patience I need to fiddle around with the new gallery software. I brought the old gallery down since I didn’t get it to work with a couple of things I wanted and the new one isn’t “consumer ready” yet. Thing with having the greatest of times is you eventually get thrown back at “real life” and you end up in a state of mind that makes you think you should borrow someone else’s antidepressant pillz. But hey, there’s always next year. Right? :)


Falling Skies

Spielberg. The aftermath of an alien invasion. Dude what was in ER. Works for me.

A friend told me about this after I whined about how great Game of Thrones was and now I had nothing to watch. Turns out it’s not bad, not bad at all. I’d like to see more alien tech instead of all the drama going on but I guess they don’t want to shoot all their shells before they know what kind of ground they’re stepping on.

More info at IMDB.



Old Movies

There’s something about old 60’s/70’s movies that makes me love them. I can’t really say why, they just do. I’ve been running this sort of old movie marathon and all I can think of is how most of the time I enjoy them a hell of  a lot more than recent ones.

I remember when I was a kid spending entire weekend afternoons watching movies on TV and for some reason those days seemed to last longer and packed with great stuff on the tube. I can’t really put this into words so I won’t keep trying.

I don’t remember much about my childhood, people usually say this is because I had a happy childhood and I think that’s true. But sitting on my living room’s couch watching movies is a vivid clear memory I have. My parents even bought me a VHS VCR eventually and that was a big deal at the time. Those things were expensive! From then on I became a regular at the local movie rental place. I don’t remember how the ladies at the counter looked like but I do remember they were always nice to me and usually greeted me with a smile every time they saw me.

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So, what’s new?

So, after some time playing Rift and having some real life issues pull me away from any kind of gaming for the most part I found myself not really wanting to play it again. It’s a hell of a fine game, up till you reach max level. Though this is open for discussion, I found myself with nothing to do. Met some great people there and I’m keeping in touch with them for other gaming experiences but I’m done with Rift.

That left a hole in my gaming schedule that I tried to fill with some stuff on Steam but I kept getting somewhat bored with everything there, then I thought of Eve Online.

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Priest & Stake Land

You know when sometimes you start watching a movie thinking it’s going to be rather cheesy and you’re generally just in it for the fun of watching things explode and monsters cut into pieces and then the movie is actually one of the best you’ve seen lately? Yeah.. That happened to me twice in the past week.

I began watching Priest with a pre-defined notion it was “vampire ass kicking movie” with Paul Bettany and I pretty much like everything he’s in. Turns out there’s so much more to the movie than that. The plot sounds like the cheesiest thing ever but they actually pull it off quite nicely. I was reminded of two movies while watching it, Blade Runner and Equilibrium. The cityscape is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in a while and the action isn’t bad either. Granted it’s an action movie, lots of it going on, but this movie has lots of eye candy as well. I really recommend it.

The other one was Stake Land. Nothing in imbd’s page prepared me for the great movie this turned out to be. It’s no masterpiece, but it’s one of the best horror flicks I’ve seen in a long while. The acting is great, the scenery is awesome, the story is compelling with some twists in it that made me go “Whoa.” and I really felt sad when some of the stuff on there happened (no spoilers!). To put it simply, if you’re a horror fan you have to see it. You know that feeling you got when you saw 28 Days Later and thought to yourself that was a damn good movie? Watch this one then :)