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The Art of Glitching

So, a friend of mine asked me for any piece of mac or windows software that would “glitch” images as he needs it for some artsy thing. I didn’t quite understand what he was after at first, but when the conversation continued and I put my Google Fu to work I realized people were glitching images as an art form. You know when sometimes there’s data corruption on your hard or usb drive? Images get all twisted and/or with a crapton of artifacts in it. Glitching is the art of doing it on purpose! It’s also hella fun to look at the result in some cases. Here’s a ‘glitched’ image so you can have a better perception of what I’m talking about. Non glitched on the left, glitched on the right. Click them to see a bigger picture.

Non Glitched Glitched

Looks great, doesn’t it? But how exactly does one do this? Well…read on, friend.

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Very, very, very excited about this.


The Neverending Story & The Dark Crystal

Was reminded of how much I loved these movies when I was a kid.

I should watch them again sometime.


The Really Really Long DragonCon 2011 Video

All I can say is that I’d like to be there pointing at everything with a dumb smile on my face.



This show is really good, I’m surprised. I checked some Dr. Who a while ago and didn’t find it much to my taste but decided to give Torchwood a go, maybe I should check Dr. Who again.