So, what’s new?

So, after some time playing Rift and having some real life issues pull me away from any kind of gaming for the most part I found myself not really wanting to play it again. It’s a hell of a fine game, up till you reach max level. Though this is open for discussion, I found myself with nothing to do. Met some great people there and I’m keeping in touch with them for other gaming experiences but I’m done with Rift.

That left a hole in my gaming schedule that I tried to fill with some stuff on Steam but I kept getting somewhat bored with everything there, then I thought of Eve Online.

Last time I played I left both characters logged inside a wormhole (I had to leave in a bit of a rush and hadn’t bothered resubbing up till now) and I assume that once I logged in I’d have no alternative but to self destruct both my boat and pod in order to get out of there since I had serious doubts my old corp/alliance would still be there. As it turns out, not only are they still there…I was in my home system when I logged. You know, the place where your medical clone is. In this case, high sec. I ended up loosing a few drakes and a few pvp boats but the Abaddon I was flying wasn’t lost. Woot!

Been playing it for a while now, not much has changed. Been considering moving into some sort of null space corp with the combat pilot since wormhole life burned me out a bit faster than I expected. All the scanning involved eventually got to me, I found myself spending more time scanning than actually doing something I enjoy. As for the other pilot, being so close to a Jump Freighter and Rorqual I figured I’d might as well take advantage of having jump skills already done and train him up for a carrier too. That should keep me busy for a while.

In the mean time I’ve been putting my excel fu to the test and doing some market work earning a few iskies in the process. Also, stuff is kind of unstable in Eve due to the micro transaction monoclegate but I won’t talk about it here.

But enough about games. I’m a huge nerd, that’s what you’re thinking. Right?

There’s on TV Show I’ve absolutely fell in love with. Game of Thrones. That thing is absolutely amazing, made me want to get the books and read them just so I know how the story develops and possibly ends. It has all the elements I love about stuff like the Dune universe like politics and schemes within schemes mixed with a fantasy world where dragons and undead are a threat. In one word, awesomeness.

Been watching The Borgias as well but I think I might have been spoiled by Game of Thrones since I find myself a bit bored while watching it and thinking about how good GoT is. If i’d seen this before GoT I’d have enjoyed it a lot more.

That’s it for now. Cheers :)