One year uptime, Rift and some other stuff

No idea what was the exact day I bought the domain/hosting and started working on this site as a hobby, but it’s been roughly a year now. I know this because I had to renew it all, sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it since I end up spending quite some time without paying any attention to it. I guess that’s the nature of such sites :)

Been spending a *lot* of time playing Rift, I’m quite amazed how good something I’ve never heard of till about a couple of months ago can be. Couple of guys I know mentioned the open beta was up and I tried it. A few hours after I found myself buying it. I had recently restarted playing WoW but as soon as the month’s subscription ended I was finding myself really bored with it and Rift was entering it’s head start for pre-order customers. Perfect timing. Dragon Age 2 is supposed to be coming out too, that’s another one to check out.

Haven’t spent much time around my Spica as of lately, which is just as well since development for the Cyanogenmod Spica beta seems to have come to a halt. Probably because everything’s working quite well and it really shouldn’t be called a beta anymore. Been using the 8.3 beta for a few months now and it’s working like a charm.

Also, saw Tron Legacy the other day. Awesome sauce.