Cyanogen on the Spica, Gaming and a small update

So, it seems Cyanogenmod is here to stay on the Spica. Just as long as criminal (one of the developers @ doesn’t feel like it’s time to call it quits. I’m now running alpha 8.2 and I can say everything pretty much just works. The camera is now in color and I’m yet to find something that doesn’t work like it’s intended. Supposedly hardware acceleration for divx doesn’t work, but I don’t watch divx on the phone anyway, so that’s fine.

There were also some 3D drivers released for the 8.1 ported from the Samsung Intercept ones, they boosted my phone’s score on Quadrant by a ton.  From the mid 400’s to the mid 600’s.  Sadly they don’t work in 8.2 but I’m sure something is being done about it. There has been an update to the drivers, still haven’t installed them but will do it pretty soon. Available here.

Haven’t posted here in a while, no special reason. My grandfather fell down and broke his hip, had to undergo surgery and eventually his age (87) and whatever comes with it caught up with him and he didn’t make it. He passed about a week after surgery. And that was pretty effed up.

After that I took some time off of everything, my grandmother has alzheimer’s and can’t quite be left alone so she’s staying here at my place for the time being. All this time at home made me start serious gaming routines to pass the time. Been having tons of fun with Blood Bowl Legendary Edition and a few other games I got on Steam’s christmas deals. Blood Bowl really is a ton of fun once you get the grasp of the rules and how it’s played, have a few friends who already played it and kept on and on talking about it and when I saw it on sale at Steam I just couldn’t resist it. The only other game that has been able to keep me away from Blood Bowl is Dead Rising 2. I played the Demo on the 360 and didn’t really like it but then I gave it a little shot on the PC and it somehow feels different. It can be hella fun. What’s there not to love in zombies and a gazillion and one possible weapons to smash their heads?



Spent both christmas and new year’s with the family, couldn’t quite get myself to go out and party. Really didn’t felt like it. So…this thing needed and update and I guess this is it :)