A few tweaks for your Samsung Spica

Here’s a couple of tweaks for your Samsung Spica, I’m posting them here mostly so I’ll have an easy place to search if I ever need them again. You will need root for them and the Android SDK installed with proper drivers for your phone.

Also, please don’t try this if you don’t feel comfortable doing it and PAY ATTENTION to the commands you enter while root. Typos may end up in disaster. I am not responsible if you brick your phone.

Faster GPS lock time.

Create a gps.conf file containing:


I use pt.pool.ntp.org because I’m in Portugal, you may want to use something else.

Copy gps.conf to your SD card and run:

adb shell

and then type:

remount rw
cat /sdcard/gps.conf > /system/etc/gps.conf

I have experienced seriously faster gps lock times by doing this. It might have been a fluke or something already cached but the first couple of times I tried it took around 15 secs to find a lock both in Google Maps and NDrive.

Disabling the HORRIBLY LOUD sound played while the phone boots.

This sound is located at /system/etc/poweron.snd. All you have to do is delete it or rename it and you won’t wake up your neighborhood ever again when you turn on your phone.

Again, you’ll need both root and the Android SDK installed with proper drivers for your phone.

adb shell
remount rw
mv /system/etc/poweron.snd /system/etc/poweron.snd.bak

Also, if you’re running this on any form of Unix you might have to run adb daemon and shell with root permitions. If you ran it first without root issue the following:

sudo ./adb kill-server
sudo ./adb shell

This example uses sudo to run as root, if you’re using su or already logged in as root you obviously exclude the sudo part from every command.

Via this and this