Quicksilver for Windows?

One of the perks I love the most when using OS X is using Control + Space or any other key combo to run Quicksilver or Spotlight or any other app that lets me run a program simply by typing the first initial letters of it’s name and pressing enter or opening the browser and googling the word I type. I really missed that while running Windows but it has come to my attention that it’s possible to do so with a little app from our buddies at Google. It’s called Google Quick Search Box for Internet Explorer. Yes, Internet Explorer. Don’t worry, it’ll let you launch queries on Firefox or any other browser.

I had some initial trouble installing it but nothing a quick online search didn’t solve. Here’s the method I used to install it properly:

  1. Remove any previous installation of the toolbar in the control panel.
  2. Download Google Update here and select just the toolbar on the check boxes. You can do this in any browser, I did it on Firefox.
  3. Close all browsers, run the installer and let it do it’s thing.
  4. Right click the search box and make sure it’s using your browser of choice in the options.
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

It uses a default Control + Space key combo to launch and it’s pure heaven in Windows 7 for anyone who wants an even more close(ish) OS X experience, with the taskbar buttons and such. It almost feels like we’re using a mac. Almost.