Cubing update

So finally I got a store bought Rubik’s brand 3×3 cube and I have to say it’s a real improvement over the cheesy one I had. Tried lubing it with silicone lube but it didn’t work out so well so I used vaseline even though it sucks for plastic over time.  I’m considering ordering Jig-a-loo or CRC Heavy Duty Silicone over the net since no stores sell it where I live and see how that works out.

This cube is a whole lot faster than the one I had but it still locks up a lot so I’ve been checking a lot of reviews about speed cubes and I’m considering ordering a Cube For You Speedcube and a Diansheng cube as well as a 4×4 Eastsheen. They’re all  dirt cheap, even including shipping costs (from China!) and all the reviews I’ve been checking all state they’re pretty good but I’m gonna have to wait till I know for sure when am I going on holiday so I know I’ll be home when the order arrives. I’m quite curious about how do adjustable cores affect performance when solving the cube.

Also, got a 6×6 V-Cube the other day. The clicking mechanism can get annoying sometimes but other than that I like it a lot, all the different parity errors that may occur make it a whole lot more interesting than the 5×5 or 7×7 and since at the moment I’m not that into speed solving these cubes I don’t mind if all the clicking and lock ups result in slower solves.

Click the picture on this post the see my cube collection this far, forgot to put the old 3×3 there though.