Linklog & Yahoo Pipes

So I found a way to combine multiple RSS feeds and present them on a single feed. Turns out Yahoo Pipes, a thing that I had never heard of before, is really useful. My mind was somewhat blown by what I can do with them. I think Yahoo needs to advertise their stuff a little better. Either that or I really need to pay more attention to what’s going on in the intertubes.

In any case, I managed to combine items published through tt-rss and another linklog software thingie I use. It’s right here. You can turn the pipe result into RSS or JSON or whatever pleases your heart. Full URL is as follows:

It’s mostly newspaper articles and tidbits of information I find useful while on the internet. It’s also available on a widget rss whatchamacallit on this website, one of the right side panels. If you have a link/linklog feed of your own please leave a comment with it, I’m always looking for decent feeds.