BQ Aquaris 5 root & recovery

New gadget thingie. As usual I’m posting some stuff here so I won’t forget it and know where to find it in case I need all the info again.

Rooting the BQ Aquaris 5

  • First, grab this file and unpack it somewhere on our computer, we’ll need a Windows computer for the next few steps.
  • I’m not sure if you need to install the PDANet stuff on the “Driver” folder, but I ended up doing it anyway. Didn’t run into any driver problems when I plugged the phone into the computer so I guess it works just fine.
  • Navigate to Settings / About Phone on the device and press “Build Number” fast a few times until a popup tells you “Developer Options” are available.
  • Navigate to Settings / Developer Options and enable “USB Debugging”
  • Plug the phone into the computer and wait till it’s recognized. Make sure it has correct drivers.
  • Go into the “Ejecutable” folder from the .rar you unpacked and you’ll find a “runme.bat”. Right click it and run as administrator, just in case it needs elevated privileges.
  • A console will pop up, read what it says and press enter a few times.
  • Done.

Installing CWM Recovery on the BQ Aquaris 5

  • Your phone will need to be rooted for this.
  • You’ll need to install Mobileuncle MTK Tools on the phone.
  • Next up, grab this recovery image and drop it on the root of the phone’s sd card.
  • Fire up MTK Tools and press “Recovery Update”.
  • Next, select the “recovery.img” present in your sdcard.
  • Accept the dialog asking if you’re sure you want to replace the recovery image.
  • Accept the dialog asking you to reboot the phone to recovery.
  • Done.

Easy as crap, right? To think I used to have to flash entire roms just to have root and/or a custom recovery.

Via: Taliandroid and the htcmania forums. Full credit goes to them, all I’ve done is post it on my personal blog so I’d have an easy to find (for me) spot so I won’t eventually forget about all this info. Guess I ended up translating the stuff but that’s not really as important as the original info itself.