Gnome Classic on Ubuntu 12.10

If there’s one thing I’ve come to find that almost every Ubuntu user agrees to, it has to be the fact that Unity is terrible and I’m sure the Dash plays a big part on one of Dante’s Infernos. Installing nvidia proprietary drivers is a nightmare in and of itself. It used to be as simple as clicking a button when a popup (i.e., Jockey) mentioning proprietary drivers were ready to install, now it’s a multi step procedure.

All things considered though, the main issue I have with the “new” Ubuntu is Unity. Some people who don’t like it move to KDE, other people (me) like the GTK interface and choose something like XFCE but Gnome was and will continue being what most people that took the jump to Linux during the Ubuntu “golden age” are used to. This includes older people like possibly our parents, who installed Ubuntu on their machines simply because we told them it was better than what they were using. Change always meets resistance, but if I’m having a hard time getting used to Unity or even failing to see the point in it, those people will surely run away from it like the plague. Personal tastes aside, here’s how you can change that.

For now there’s still a way to revert to the “old” Gnome. You’ll have to open up a console window and type the following in it.

$ sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

This will install everything you need. The next step is logging out from your current session, then click the icon/symbol right next to your name at the login screen and choose “Gnome Classic”. Insert your password and once the login procedure is complete you’ll be presented with something a bit less confusing.

I will give Unity another chance, eventually. But for now I’m one of those that runs away from it like the plague.