Nexus 7 Bootloader Unlock & Root

Quick update here, the Nexus 7 is rooted. I found that I miss little things Titanium Backup and AdAway a bit too much.

The whole process is pretty straight forward, quite possibly the easiest rooting I had to do. Push 2 buttons and that’s it. I used this tool. There’s another way of doing it that incidentally also has a few more tools and options that can make your life easier but the graphical interface and literally “push 2 buttons and we’re done” thing makes the first one a fair bit more attractive if all you want is unlocking the bootloader and rooting.

I won’t make a guide on how to do it since, like I said, the whole process is as easy as it can be. Really. Pushing 2 buttons is all you have to do. And if you find that pushing 2 buttons is too hard for you, the guide/tutorial that comes with the app makes it literally idiot proof.