Nexus 7

So, yeah. I got a Nexus 7.

For a while now I’ve been tempted to get an e-paper Kindle so I could have the current book I’m reading with me at all times without having to carry the /sometimes/ equivalent of a cereal box with me. I kid you not, some of those Stephen King books are huge.

Though perfect for books, that’s all those Kindles are good for..books. There’s no other media consumption available for them. No video, no audio. Just books.

In the meantime, I found myself increasingly watching more and more youtube videos with tutorials/howtos and various other assorted stuff on my phone. Don’t get me wrong, my phone has the perfect size for a phone and I love it. But for videos that thing makes my eyes start to twitch after a while. That got me into the Kindle Fire territory. Books and media consumption.

One thing led to another and if the Fire looked good with it’s size and price range, when the Nexus 7 came out I figured I might as well get a proper Android experience instead of an Amazon only thing. It’s true I could root and rom the Fire, but why go for all that trouble when I could just get the same thing directly from Google with the bonus effect that the Nexus is usually the first “brand” to get Android system updates? The screen on these tablets is far from being as comfortable to read as e-paper, but hey..I want my youtube videos. And truth be told, 1280*800 on a 7″ screen makes for crisp clear text. My eyes have yet to complain even after spending a couple of hours straight staring at it. Typing on it is also a surprisingly good experience. My fat fingers that led me to get a phone with a physical qwerty keyboard are having no trouble at all finding those darned keys.

I’m glad the Nexus 7 was my first tablet, it’s a pretty good one as far as I can tell. I’m yet to find something to whine and moan about, and coming from me that’s a good thing. All in all, it’s the perfect price range with the perfect size in a little piece of really fast hardware with support directly from Google. If you’re considering getting one go for it.

I guess that a while not too long from now I’ll root and customize it to my liking as usual, but for now I’m enjoying the vanilla experience. Once a month has gone since when I got it is quite probably the ideal time to get into that sort of stuff. Until then, stay tuned for possible rooting guides as I’ll more than likely make a list of all the steps and procedures I take with the help of the fine folks at XDA and post it here.