WordPress Android Beta and SK17i

The new WordPress app for android entered beta a couple of weeks ago, it’s very different from what it used to be. Has a crapton of improvements over the old app and it actually makes me want to use it. In fact, this whole post will be written in it. If you use WordPress on a regular basis I strongly suggest you give it a test run!

In other news, I’m still quite happy with the SK17i I bought a few weeks ago. The battery though if at first glance might seem a bit underpowered, I haven’t found it needing. The phone never died on me with moderate/intense daily usage before I set it up charging for the night before I go to bed, that’s all I really want on a phone.
ICS should be made available through PC Companion later this month, tough it’ll be a while till I update as I like to read up on reviews and eventual bugs before I make any major jump. In any case, I already have the root procedures for ICS bookmarked and I’ll keep both a nandroid backup as well as GB firmware files in case I decide to downgrade. A performance loss is to be expected but I’m guessing from other Xperia models that already had the update it’ll be a tolerable performance loss. It runs extremely snappy on GB and I guess I don’t mind a choke here and there while running ICS.