Trying out a new minimal theme

I like stuff to be as simple as possible without too much clutter, the layout/theme I’ve been using for the past year or so does that quite well but while browsing on the forums for the theme I found out there was another guy who likes minimal stuff…and that he’s a php/css ninja!

Turns out the made his user.css publicly available and I decided to give it a shot. I love it! Had to make a new banner and I will probably have to make yet another one since I made that one in under a minute and it sort of needs some polishing but whatever, I like how uncluttered everything looks like.

Still have to work on the label position on the comment forms. The labels are showing up on the left of the forms and thus messing up their alignment. I have no idea where to change that, probably on the comments.php file but as soon as I *try* to start reading it and figure out what needs to be changed I’m reminded I’m a total naab when it comes to php. Oh well.