Barbarian or Monk? Monk or Barbarian?

So I won this dumb online contest and I got a Diablo 3 beta key. I don’t usually win stuff but then again I don’t usually enter that many competitions either. Didn’t have to come up with something funny to say or anything, just insert name and email…then a few days later I got this email with “Congratulations you’re a winner, here’s a beta key.”. Good stuff.

Anyhoo, before I got into the beta I watched a crapton of playthrough videos on youtube and I kinda got into the Monk a lot though I also liked watching the Barbarian doing his stuff. For some reason I tend to favor melee characters on this kind of games. The exception is probably, oddly enough, Diablo 2..where I mostly played a Summoner Necromancer. You know, the guy who goes to the moor to grab a bazillion skeletons and then proceeds to faceroll whatever he wants to while watching a movie on the tv.

After a few hours with each, got the Barbarian to 13 (max level at beta) and the Monk to 11. I have to say I enjoyed the Barbarian a lot more than the monk. And I also have to say I think the reason is because the gap closer charge thingie on the Barbarian is a fury generator and on the monk it’s a spirit spender. I know it may seem like not a big deal, but it just makes playing the Barbarian a lot more fun. I also seem to always be out of spirit with the Monk while with the Barbarian I found fury management to not be an issue. The Barbarian also feels like this massive dude who stomps his foot and breaks all tables in a 100 meter radius, that’s awesome.

So, yeah. Guess who will be playing a Barbarian May 15th. I already have the client preload file from, all there is to it now is waiting the almost two months till I can install it.

Played a bit with the Demon Hunter too but it felt a bit too much faceroll for me, I just pressed shift and shot at random till everything was dead. It’s a bit more fun to leap around and bash stuff with the Barbarian. I also noticed that as soon as something got near me and managed to land a hit my hp bar would take a dive pretty darn fast. Later in the game in Hell or Inferno I think they’ll have a lot of issues if there’s a boss in any way like Duriel in Diablo 3. That guy was a nightmare.

I plan to get all classes to 13 to get a feel for how they all play and spend some time looking at abilities and whatnot but I really think the main character I’ll be playing from release day onward is the big dude with a club that likes to bash things.

PS: Whoa, this new host is faaaast. I’m loving it.