Skyrim Crashing to Desktop

Well, Skyrim is out. So many great games coming out that I think this winter will be spent with a blanket and me playing them. Battlefield 3 is a blast, takes a hell of a long time to unlock multiplayer stuff when compared to Bad Company 2 but I think it’s better this way. Modern Warfare 3 will have to wait since I don’t have the time nor wallet to get it right now.

I was having trouble and still do with Skyrim but I guess future patches will fix the odd bugs that always show up after initial launch. The first bug that I came upon was right after launch. I got the intro cinematics but as soon as a menu started to show up I was presented with my desktop and Skyrim would have simply crashed with no error message whatsoever. Making use of my Google Fu I found a fix, odd as it can be.

Open Start Menu – Open Control Panel – Double click on Sound.

On the playback tab, right click on speakers or whatever has the green tick on your computer then click Properties.

Go to the Advanced tab and select 24 bit, 44100Hz (Studio Quality) in the menu.

I’m still presented with random crashes every now and then, good thing I’m a savegame freak. I’m not quite sure what causes it but I suspect the nvidia drivers, I once caught one of the famous “driver XXX has crashed and successfully recovered” or whatever. No idea what causes this. Could be overheating but sensors say the videocard sits in the ~60ºC range, which is pretty darn acceptable if you ask me so I guess I’ll just keep on saving like a madman and hope for an eventual fix. It kinda screws game immersion for me :(

EDIT: Had another annoying thing happen. There’s this part where we have to kill and loot an npc, what was happening was no loot was possible. I had the arrow on top of the dead npc pointing at his corpse but while hovering over him no “Press E to Search” was showing up. He was a tough bugger to kill, fortunately I could kill him with 3 arrow sneak attacks (focused on stealth and ranged). I saved and loaded a bunch of times, tried killing him melee…and nothing. Then I thought about loading a previous savegame. I noticed an “(Auto)” savegame from when I entered his chamber first and loaded that. Killed him and looted without a problem. Though annoying because he dropped a quest item this got me to thinking just how many other loot tables have I missed due to this? Feh. Still, hell of a game. Don’t miss it.