My recent Cube4you order

So I finally ordered some cubes from Cube4you. I have to say that the shipping prices are a real pita but somewhat understandable since it comes all the way from Shanghai, China. Cube4you was awesomely fast sending the stuff, I made the order on a saturday and it was ready for UPS pick up the very next day even it being a sunday. Let’s hope they didn’t get any of the orders wrong now :p

Here’s a list of what I ordered, one of each.

  • Dayan Guhong 3x3x3 DIYKit – Black
  • Cube4you 3x3x3 DYI Speed Cube – Black
  • New Type-A 3x3x3 DIYKit – White
  • Type F-II 3x3x3 Cube (NIB) – White
  • Diangsheng 3x3x3 – White

They should be here by wednesday and I’m quite excited about it. Kinda amazed it only takes 3 business days to come all the way from China to Portugal.

I’ve also been chatting a bit on an online forum with other portuguese cubers about trying to find a decent lubricant over here. Seems like the best is a “3 en uno – lubrificante de silicona” I had already got at a shop called AKI and made by the same maker than WD40 but I’m not sure I like it that much. I only have 2 Rubik’s Brand cubes to speak for at the moment, so it might be the quality of the plastic that isn’t that good together with this specific lube or possibly the lack of spring/screw tension adjustment.

I plan to check the new cubes when they arrive and try it on the cube that I enjoy the less and see how it behaves after I spray it a bit. If I still don’t like it maybe I’ll order some Lubix online, though the price kinda scares me off a bit.

One of the posters mentioned some sort of silicone oil we can buy at model shops used to fuel or lube car/plane models or something. Maybe I’ll give that a try, I used to have a model shop close by but I’m not so sure it’s still there. We’ll see.

So yeah, my cube collection will grow quite a bit with this purchase. Oddly enough the prices weren’t what hurt my wallet the most, the shipping was. At least compared to what I already bought over time:

  • 2x Rubik’s Brand 3x3x3
  • Rubik’s Brand 3x3x3 keychain
  • Rubik’s Brand 5x5x5 (it suuuucks)
  • Eastsheen 2x2x2
  • V-Cube 5
  • V-Cube 6
  • V-Cube 7
  • Fluorescent sticker 3x3x3 with no brand – lol

It’d be really nice if I can get my hands on a Eastsheen 4x4x4 and a decent Megaminx. But I guess that’ll have to wait a while since little by little all these purchases can end up making a serious dent on anyone’s wallet, even if it’s just 4-6€ a pop.